Parents think that by selecting a good school their work is done. 

It's not so. 

What's going to matter the most is the kind of individuals in terms of value systems that our learning process create, and how we teach our next generation to learn. 

It should reflect in the value systems but due to inadequacy of wisdom people are unable to implement in a large scale.

The onus is on us to take it forward bridge that gap.

It is the educator not the technology which is important.

It is important to raise curiosity in children, and self directed learning is where child will enjoy "Mythological Books" like "Srimad Bhagwat Gita", "Ramayan", "Holy Bible", "Quran".

With all the co - curricular and extra - curricular activities we feel that apart from striving for high standards of excellence in academics, it is necessary to impart a strong sense of personal integrity and the fundamental human values in order to equip them with qualities they would need to be mature and responsible citizens of India secular democracy.

Keeping this in mind we made a happy, friendly plan and not a place where children feel alienated, bored, hurt, persecuted or threatened. 

We strongly believe that children are important people worth's of respect and our organization should be a place of facilities, for nurture's children's learning.

Being very candid on the subject, I would like to put on record that the present govt. has been very supportive of the cause.